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Experience the Outdoors

The Alder Street Treehouse is perfectly located for you to explore the best that Eugene has to offer. Take a walk in the woods or go for a bike ride on the scenic trails. If you're feeling adventurous, try your hand at rock climbing or go river rafting in the nearby rapids. You can even hire a guide to teach you how to fly fish. 

Spenser's Butte Summit


Spenser's Butte Main Trail - If you only did one hike in Eugene this should be it. This classic Eugene trail climbs Spenser's Butte, which dominates Eugene’s southern skyline. You will ascend through the trees for the first two thirds, before you working your way to the top on rock that has been cut out to form crude steps. It is a moderate trail and the first part of the trail would still be worth the outing, if you felt the steep last third was too much. Out and back from Spencer Butte Park Trailhead makes for a bit over two miles with 1000 ft elevation gain. 

Ridgeline TrailEugene’s Ridgeline system rings the southern edge of the city with a series of large, semi-connected parklands including the above mentioned Spenser's Butte Trail. Valued deeply by the community for recreation, open space, and habitat values, the Ridgeline system is accessed through a network of over 12 miles of trail starting at seven main trailheads.

Mt. Pisgah - is another beautiful hike with sweeping views. This hike has more gradual inclines . In the summer its open areas can have a lot of sun exposure, so bring your sunscreen. 

Amazon Creek Running Trail - If you are a runner looking for a great running path, or just want to take a stroll, this amazing bark running trail is only blocks from the house and also connects to other trail systems in the area. 

Rafting and Fishing

There are many wonderful guides in Eugene. We have used Helfrich River Outfitters for years. They are a family owned and operated company that has been operating for generations. They offer several options for fly fishing or rafting down the Mckenzie river. The river has opportunities for all ages and is one of the most immersive ways to take in the valley. 

Bike Trails - Eugene is known as a biking town. You can get almost anywhere on a bike path. Check them all out here. For a leisurely ride we love all the paths along the river. Alton Baker park is a great place to start those. 

Cascade Raptor Center - This nature center provides unique opportunities to get up close and personal with many of the area's owls, eagles, vultures and hawks. An intriguing afternoon.

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