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About Your Hosts

We love to travel too.

We are a quirky family of four that loves to experience new things. Originating in Florida, we made our way to the NW 20 years ago in pursuit of artistic endeavors. We owned and operated a glassblowing facility and art gallery in downtown Eugene for many years. Conrad is an accomplished Chihuly trained glass artist that now spends 9 months of the year blowing glass at our Naples, Florida studio

( ) and spending the rest of the year recharging in Oregon and seeking adventure across the globe. 

Erin is a photographer

( ) always looking for a new vantage point on life. This year we are taking 5 months to travel cross country and transform the road into a classroom for their two boys, Logan and Sawyer. The boys are avid tennis players, nature lovers, little comedians with a love of all thing magic. While we spend more days than not in Florida, all four think of Oregon as our home and relish the summers spent in the Pacific Northwest.  

You may also meet with Brooks, our decades old friend and jack of all trades that helps us keep us organized and the house in tip top shape. He is a renaissance man with a heart of gold. 


"Our home is a reflection of our love of nature and art. We are thrilled to share our little slice of paradise with you."

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